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I am thankful that you landed up on mission green Delhi blog. I feel that you are here to explore if any of Delhi’s organizations are involved in green initiatives. Let me introduce mission green Delhi blog. It is understood that events presented in form of stories and poems leave better mark on readers or listeners mind as compared to delivering them directly.  So mission green Delhi book or blog is a collection of stories, poems and articles that would ultimately create an interest in green activities and actions. Digging the land on first attempt results in stones and sand only. So we need to dig to depth to understand stories, poems and articles presented on mission green Delhi book or blog. We are on a mission to make Delhi a greener place with no road traffic, healthy citizens, self-employed youth, secure networks in offices, spiritual and calm thinkers, innovative minds and my dream is to make Delhi a heaven for all of us and our kids.Its not a difficult task if we start helping each other with a goal in mind and unconditional support. We are starting with a simple blog as we want everybody to be the part of this mission and share what actions are required to be taken to invoke the process. Road traffic is improving day by day and thus improving polluted environment and hence we are gifted with a bad health. Being ourselves unhealthy and frustrated , how can we think of becoming entrepreneurs, self employed, helping others to achieve our common goals. So “MISSION GREEN DELHI” is a combined term given to Delhi with no pollution, healthy environment, no crimes, healthy minds, self -employed youth, secure working environment, healthy food, loving people.
With Thanks
Puneet Verma

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